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Tanglewood School provides Toddler, Preschool, and Kindergarten students, 18 months to five and half years of age, with an interactive, hands-on, learning experience filled with opportunities for exploration and discovery. Nestled in a beautiful century building in South Oakville, our Montessori enriched programs including creative arts, music, French, and yoga, provide our students with a broad educational experience.


  • I would like to express just how grateful I am for all you do at Tanglewood School. For the past two years, I have seen my son grow and mature. His confidence has soared along with his enthusiasm for learning. He began Tanglewood as a shy, quiet little boy and now he overflows with stories and information about his day’s events and interactions. I realize that some of his growth is just natural maturation, but a great deal, I believe, is also thanks to the environment and teaching that Tanglewood School has provided.

  • Thank you and your team so very much for extending open and loving arms to my son during his entire stay at Tanglewood School. Your combined efforts have been invaluable in helping him grow, mature and thrive the way he has and have set the stage for his social and academic success in the future. I have great admiration for all of you and your commitment to excellence.

  • Every teacher at Tanglewood School cares so much about each individual student. They were like an extended family for us for four years. We will miss you all.

  • I have always held very high confidence and trust in the teachers at Tanglewood School. My children have not only excelled through the academic program but have been loved and treated with dignity.

  • It’s going to be hard to say goodbye to Tanglewood School. Its been a part of our daily routine for over five years. It’s been a wonderful place for our boys to start their educational journey. It has helped them to grow academically but also emotionally. I know they are ready for the next step, thanks to Tanglewood School.

  • My 3 year old daughter will play at home and quietly sing to herself the songs she learned at school. First it was the days of the week, then the months, then the provinces, continents etc.  — just amazing! When I ask her to sing them to me, she beams with pride and confidence and even teaches them to her older sister.

  • Tanglewood School provides an enriching and caring environment for children. All children have the opportunity to develop skills that will help them be successful now and in the future. It is an amazing school with outstanding staff.

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