When Arthur George Heaven brought his wife and seven children all the way from England to Oakville in 1882, he settled on an 81-acre fruit farm reaching to the shores of Lake Ontario. In 1896, Heaven built a beautiful two-storey stone house on the property and gave it as a wedding present to his son Claude Cookesley and his wife, Ellen Francis Pullen. Since its days as an extravagant wedding present, this century home and property has changed hands many times, eventually landing with a family who saw the building as a perfect location to start a school and childcare facility to serve the Oakville community. The building became home to Century Childcare and had the privilege of providing a safe place to learn and play for many children through the years.

In 2014, this community landmark wrote a bright new chapter in its history by becoming Tanglewood School. We completed a beautiful renovation and redesign to enhance the school’s facilities and increase our capacity, but took great care to maintain the historic beauty of the home.

Tanglewood School is also maintaining the best traditions of its predecessor – the warm environment and caring, attentive staff – while expanding its Montessori program and continuing to empower children to grow and become their best selves.